100% Pure Shea Butter


I traveled to Tamale, Northern Ghana with my friend Kwasi to film the process of making shea butter. Once there, we were mesmerized by the strength of the all-woman workplace. The ladies were wide-eyed and determined, but most of all, powerful. Making shea butter is a 4-day process. which the ladies welcome with grace. Seeing how much work went into making the shea butter, Kwasi and I had to support. We bought 8 boxes, each 55lbs (25kg). After seeing the outpouring of KInfolk who wanted some of the shea butter, we decided to sell it, which brings us here. This is 100% pure shea butter. no additives. 

By buying, you're supporting the ladies of the Jisonayili tribe. If all goes well with is launch, we hope to continue ordering from them to support their business. 

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